Monument Signs

Monument signs are freestanding structures at the entrance of a property or business.

Monument signs can be made from foam, metal, stucco finish, painted, brick and stone.


We can build and install  non lighted sign or reface your existing signs. 

  How does the process work?

  • During the concept generation phase we do a site survey to ensure that we understand all the requirements to meet or exceed your local building codes.  This includes calling 811 to verify that your sign does not interfere with your utility easement.
  • Also we need  a copy of your Landlord or Owner's Association or Deed Restrictions to comply with limitations, some may require that their organization approve our plans prior to submittle to the city.
  • All non temporary ground mounted signs require engineering certification.   Specifications depend on wind load zone.  Generally takes 1-2 weeks to receive approved stamped plans.
  • After the engineer approves the specifications we will give you an exact price.
  • Permitting, most cities are 10 days to 3 weeks wait to receive sign & or electrical permits.
  • Fabrication only starts after deposit is placed and permit is approved.
  • Fabrication has a few variables based on size and complexity but generally takes 1- 3 weeks.
  • Installation generally takes place 4-6 weeks after permit is approved.

 Send your files to to further discuss  your project.